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I Got Fortune Cookies!

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gold coin with dollar sign
gold coin pound
gold coin euro
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Fortune Cookie   Money Math Kit

Are you tired of the same old math problems?


Do you want to learn about money and have a delicious treat? 


Dive in and explore our Fortune Cookie Money Math Kit!


Imagine biting into a yummy fortune cookie and finding a fun money fact inside. One package includes three delicious and individually wrapped fortune cookies, along with exercises designed to challenge your mind and help you think about saving, personal finance, and civic responsibility. 

The exercises are designed for kids from 2nd to 6th grade but feel free to try them all because you can always learn something new. If you get stumped, don't worry - each packet includes a QR code that links to the answers!   

Inside each cookie, you'll get answers to exciting questions like: 

Why is money green? 

How many coins does the Mint make each year? 

What type of paper is money printed on?

These fortune cookies are the perfect way to make learning about money fun and engaging, so don’t wait! 


Purchase some today and have a tasty and educational snack while learning valuable lessons about money! 

Fortune Cookie   Answers

  • LK1-1 Tooth Fairy
    Answer Add all of the money that Raine has received ​ August Raine received $3.00 + September Raine received $2.00 ​ $3 + $2 = $5
  • LK1-2 Father’s Day
    Answer ​ Add all the money Jacob has $5.00 + $4.00 = $9.00
  • L1-6 Summer Reading Program
    Answer This is a division problem. All we need to know is the total number of books and how many books each student will receive. The cost is irrelevant. Divide 210 books = 70 3 books per student 70 students will be served by the summer reading program
  • L1-7 Swim Lessons
    Answer Determine the total budget needed for the swimming lessons. The total was given $840. Then divide the amount needed by the amount of profit Jayce makes each week. ​ Divide Budget required $840 = $840 = 14 weeks Earning $60 per week $60
  • L2-1 Building Bird Houses
    Answer First, let’s determine how much the event at the hospital will cost. 4 Magicians at $50 each 4 X $50 = $200 for the Magicians Second, we need to add the cost of the toys. $200 for the toys plus $200 for the Magicians. This equals $400. London needs a total of $400 for the event. Thus, the required budget is $400. London makes a $20 profit per birdhouse. The costs that London incurs to make the birdhouses must be subtracted from the sale price. We can deduce that the materials cost $10 for each birdhouse. Thus, London has $20 to split among her Save, Give and Live banks. London puts $5 each in the Save and Live banks. She has $10 to deposit in her Give bank weekly. Divide $400 = 40 $10 London has to sell 40 birdhouses to save the $400 for the event.
  • L2-2 Nursing Home Valentine
    Answer Step 1 Calculate Tristian’s earnings Saturday $70 + $40 Sunday = $110 per week Step 2 Calculate Tristian’s costs each weekend $10 for the booth + $20 in supplies = $30 Step 3 Calculate the profit profit = price - cost $110 Earnings per week minus (-) $30 in costs per week = $80 profit per week Step 4 Calculate the amount needed to buy roses for 80 residents 80 residents X $10 each for a rose = $800 for the roses Tristian needs a budget of $800 dollars for his Valentine’s Day plans Step 5 Now that you know the budget calculate the number of weeks he has to work by dividing by the weekly profit. Divide the total amount needed by the weekly profit ($80) to determine the number of weeks Tristian has to sell his artwork. Divide $800 = 10 weeks $80
  • L2-3 Robotics Camp
    Answer Step 1 Calculate the total amount needed for all of the camps $3,600 X 3 = $10,800 Total amount needed for all three camps Step 2 Calculate the impact of the donor contributions A donor match means half of the amount received will come from the donor. Divide the costs by 2. $10,800 = $5,400 2 ​ $5,400 is needed from the Georgia Tech students The other $5,400 will come from the generous donor. Step 3 Calculate the number of months the Georgia Tech students will need to fundraise Divide $5,400 Cost of Camps = 6 $900 per month ​ 6 months of fundraising is required
  • L3-1 Simple Interest I=Prt
    Answers Emerald's Account Emerald $500 X .02 X 1 = $10 Add $10 to the amount originally deposited in the account $10 + $500 = $510 will be in the savings account after 12 months Avalon's Account Avalon $480 X .06 X 1 = $28.80 Add $28.80 to the amount originally deposited in the account $28.80 + $480 = $508.80
  • L3-2 Zoo Atlanta
    Answers Step 1 Calculate how much money Harmony’s parents will pay The parents will pay $500 multiplied by 75% (change 75% to a decimal) $500 X .75 = $375 is the amount the parents will pay Step 2 Now that you know how much their parents will pay the other part will be Harmony’s responsibility Subtract $500 - $375 = $125 is the amount Harmony needs to save in her Save bank $125 is 25% of the $500 costs for the party
  • L3-3 IAAM Museum
    Answer Step 1 Note that the goal is $10,000 Step 2 Calculate the amount of money made from the pre-sale $100 X 50 = $5,000 Step 3 Determine the remaining amount needed Subtract the amount made from the pre-sale from the goal Subtract $10,000 - $5,000 = $5,000 Step 4 Divide $5,000 = $25 each 200 The remaining tickets should be sold for $25 each
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