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Are you tired of giving kids the same old math problems?

Do you want to learn about money and have a delicious treat? 


The I Got Bank Kidpreneur Team has created an exciting and delicious way to learn about personal finance – the Fortune Cookie Money Math Kit!

Imagine biting into a yummy fortune cookie and finding a fun money fact inside.


This kit includes four packages, each with three delicious and individually wrapped fortune cookies along with exercises designed to challenge your mind and help you think about saving, personal finance, and civic responsibility.

The exercises are designed for kids from 2nd to 5th grade but feel free to try them all because you can always learn something new.


If you get stumped, don't worry - each packet includes a QR code that links to the answers on our website! 

With this kit, you'll get answers to exciting questions like:

  • Why is money green?
  • What type of paper is money printed on?
  • How many coins does the Mint make each year?


These fortune cookies are the perfect way to make learning about money fun and engaging, so don’t wait! 

Grab a Fortune Cookie Money Math Kit today and have a tasty and educational snack while learning valuable lessons about money!


Fortune Cookie Money Math Kit Includes:

  • Four packages with a total of 12 individually wrapped fortune cookies with assorted flavors
  • Four math exercises (one exercise per package)

Fortune Cookie Money Math Kit (4 Packages)

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