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Budget Bags Kit (Budgeting System)

Introducing the Budget Bags Kit: Your Ultimate Tool for Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility!


Empower your child with essential money management skills using our Budget Bags Kit. Designed with vibrant colors and cool designs, this kit includes three distinct bags: one for saving, one for giving, and one for living. Each bag features a convenient zipper closure to keep money safe and secure while instilling valuable lessons in budgeting and financial organization.


But that's not all—our Budget Bags Kit goes a step further by incorporating a money meter for each bag. This innovative feature allows kids to track their savings progress easily and stay motivated towards their financial goals.


Included in the kit is a bank book accompanied by two pencils, providing an interactive way for kids to record their transactions and manage their finances effectively.


With the Budget Bags Kit, children not only learn the importance of budgeting, saving, and giving but also gain the confidence to take control of their financial future.


Who knows? With the skills acquired from using our Budget Bags Kit, your child might even be inspired to start their own small business!


Get ready to embark on a journey of financial empowerment and success with the Budget Bags Kit today.


Product Features:

Includes Save, Give, and Live bags with zipper closures

Each bag features a money meter for tracking savings progress

Comes with a bank book and two pencils

Assorted colors for added fun and variety

Budget Bags Kit (Budgeting System)

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